Golf Course

Lead Department: Public Works

Project Manager: Joe Teresi

Parks and Recreation Assistant Manager: Robert De Geus

Our entire golf facility is open: golf course, driving range and practice greens   New Configuration: 18 Holes – Par 67

Superintendent Open Space, Parks and Golf: TBD

Project anticipated to begin in 2016

The project will result in the following:

1. Provide The Joint Power Authorities San Fransquito Creek Levee Project with the 7.4 acres needed inside Palo Alto Golf Course for their project. This project will decrease the chances of flooding to Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, and Menlo Park residents and businesses.

2. Provides the City with the opportunity to reconfigure all 18 holes of the golf course while retaining a regulation golf course with a par 71 that will have less managed turf and more native grasses.

3. The new golf course will use 35% less water, implement native and salt tolerant vegetation, increase wildlife habitat, replace a deteriorating irrigation system, and add 10.5 acres of more recreation space to the City of Palo Alto.

4. Improved customer experience and playing conditions – drainage, turf, and irrigation. Improved views of the Bay.

5. The new design will integrate the golf course with the Baylands theme.

6. New practice greens, expanded driving range, and youth golf area.

7. New golf course restroom.

8. Replace all bunkers with new bunkers.

9. All new signage and furniture.

Note from Superintendent of Open Space, Parks and Golf:

On August 19, 2013, we began the importation of soil to the golf course for the San Fransquito Creek Levee and Golf Course reconfiguration projects. This soil is being stockpiled using space on the far west part of our course until the construction project begins on the new golf course.

We have planned for this phase of the project for some time and have built 2 new greens to accommodate the soil and remain an 18 hole course. The course will play at a par 67 until closure for construction in 2016, offering some great discounts. When the new course was implemented on August 20th, it was re-routed differently. Please look at the below map (click to enlarge) and information for the new course: